Learn by sipping it neat.

Agavera Offers private & personal tasting for small or bigger groups.
With the goal of developing a better understanding of the Hi level distills that Mexico offers to the world.

Diverse styles of tastings to fit the diverse levels of knowledge of the spirits.


Mezcalómano-  for amateur and peeps that are fond of good spirits

Mezcanauta- For the ones that trip and travel with Mezcal ( and other Hi end spirits) and recognize their natural properties 

Mezcófilo -For the one that is in love with mezcal and prefers it over other spirits. Still on the process of understanding it better and likes sharing its unique background.


Duration: 1,5 hours
Dynamic Tasting with cultural & social focus. can be done by agave diversity, region or general overveiw of all things agave.

Prices 2-4 humans (250€) , 5-10 humans(400€)

inkl. one bottle mezcal, your choice*

The experience also includes diverse spirit catalyzers such as Worm/ grasshopper salt ,and Mexican sweets to loop down the evening

* price may have slight variation depending of the chosen bottle